It’s for you!

Yet another thing that distinguishes Jonah from Owen is Jonah’s total refusal to talk on the phone. All requests are met with a ‘No, no, no, no, no, NO!’ and violent headshaking. All requests except from Buzz Lightyear, apparently. Jonah just spent 5 minutes talking with him, very fluently, in French. Sorry grandparents!

One or the Other

Eddy and I have managed, in the two children we have produced so far, to achieve absolutely no blending or mixing of culture, looks, personality whatsoever. Jonah is very much me: looks like me, likes to play on his own, stands back until he is really sure of a situation, huge fan of peanut butter and cornflakes. Owen, on the other hand, is a blue-eyed, pint-sized Eddy: outgoing, skateboarding, ready for anything at anytime. He also loves cheese, all kinds of cheese but really, the stinkier the better. His favorite? ‘Fockfort’. (He has a hard time saying ‘r’s… say it a few times and you’ll figure it out!).