Travelling Boys

For midwinter break, Jonah and Owen went to see Uncle Paul. By themselves. This was big for me, but they had a ton of fun and he spoiled them rotten! They played lots of video games, he took them indoor skydiving and to see bull riding (they could have ridden, but decided not to). They visited his new house and played lots of vide games. A good time was had by all.

Jonah is 14!

It’s hard for me to believe that my baby is 14, but he is. He is still such a sweetie-pie but is developing a goofball sense of humor. For his birthday we had a sleepover and pizza party; he wasn’t interested in doing anything more. He gets good grades without seeming to try too hard, is starting to play soccer at school, still likes to play with Scoopy and his other stuffies and loves languages and to read. We love you, Jonah David.

His birthday party was on one of the weekends that Eddy was in France and all in all, wasn’t too stressful. He has a nice group of friends and I think they all had a good time.

Back to School 2016!

School started what seemed like pretty late this year, especially when we started seeing back-to-school posts on Facebook in early August. Kate started 4th grade, Owen started 7th grade and Jonah started 8th grade. Next year will be the hellish year of three kids in three different schools, but for the moment the boys are at Eckstein and Kate is at View Ridge.

I’m pretty happy with their classes so far: Owen has two math classes and a French class, which should give him confidence; Jonah has Spanish and an advanced math class, which he enjoys, and Kate got the teacher she wanted. We seem to be off to a good start!