Baby Update

I went to see my midwife yesterday, for a prenatal singing class. What, you ask, is this, and why, you wonder, is the world’s most tone deaf person ever (with the possible exception of my mother) doing such a thing? Is she hoping to so torture the poor child that she’ll come out early? Well, it’s a French thang, but one that I’m finding useful: lots of vocalization and breathing technics for the birth, plus some very pretty lullabies that I promptly forget.

Before class however, I had a quick chat with my midwife about my latest lab results- mostly normal with a small increase in protein in my urine. Then she took my blood pressure- 13/8, starting to climb a bit. Today I went to the hospital to see the midwife there, and update her on my results, and we did another blood pressure check, lying down over 20 minutes. All were at least 130/80, some going up to 147/95. So, more blood tests and pee samples for me, and another hospital appointment Thursday afternoon.