Vital Stats

Kate weighs 4.52 kilos which is 9 lbs 15 oz, and an increase of 1.62 kilos since October 19. She grew 6 cm, so now she is 55 cm long, or 21 1/2 inches. The doctor also said she is beautiful, and we have to trust her professional opinion!

Old Lady

Kate is one month old today.

Where has the time gone? She holds her head up by herself (most of the time), she is starting to smile, and she stays awake for an astonishing 1.5 hours at a time! Last night she went to her first networking meeting (never too early to work on your professional connections) and we’re going to see the doctor in about an hour for her one month check-up. One measurement that the doctor probably won’t take… her waist, but we measured it this morning- a perfect 15.5 inches (hips of 13.5- not quite hourglass shape!). Here’s a picture of her next to her giraffe. If I’m able to be really organized and perfect motherish like I’m hoping, I’ll take a picture of her with it every month until she’s a year old.