Christmas is definitely more exciting than Hannukah, even for me, good little Jewish girl that I am. But we Jews have nothing and no-one that can compete with Santa Claus, and having grown up with Christmas at my father’s house, I’m ok with that.

This year is the first year that Jonah and Owen have figured out what Christmas is all about: Santa and presents. So we decorated the tree, baked cookies and put out carrots for the reindeer. And the kids scored! A couple of nice toys for each, and 26 books total, 16 of which were in French. That’s a lot of bedtime stories! Eddy got some nice sweaters from my dad and I got a cooking pot from Ikea that I’ve been eyeing for a while. Plus a CD from my new favorite singer, Yael Naim.

I’ve mentioned before that the boys decorated the tree; they keep admiring it (I love our Christmas tree Mama, isn’t our Christmas tree lovely?) and changing the decorations. I found Spiderman on it a few days ago, and while I was admiring the new star Owen came along and switched Spidey for a car on top.

Proof That Kate Looks Like Jonah

I’ve been trying for the past few days to upload two videos: one of the boys decorating the Christmas tree, and another of them playing the guitar. Unfortunately the system crashes each time, and I’ve come to accept that the files are too big. Far be it from me however, to deny you your viewing pleasures, so I’ll try to put them on YouTube.

This video is from when Jonah was about 8 months old. For the past few days we’ve been struck by how much Kate looks like Jonah did as a baby, and I think that this video proves it.