More Kate Updates

I forgot to mention in Kate’s Six Month Update that she loves to drink water, both from a regular cup and from a sippy cup. Thanks Grandma! Kate’s new trick is lying on her tummy and turning around in circles. She’s much happier on her stomach then the boys ever were.

Kate’s Six Months Old!!!

Wow, the last six months have gone by so fast! Katy’s no longer a newborn, but a real baby. The past month has seen a lot of changes. I’m doing the monthly update now, even though we don’t have the giraffe to take a picture with, because we’ll probably be too jetlagged to do it any time during the next week.

She took an airplane for the first, but almost certainly not the last time, and was a star the entire flight. She started really eating food, and likes it! Here’s what she likes: frozen banana, frozen watermelon, whipped cream, ice cream, sour cream, refried beans, yams, sweet potato french fries, asparagus (to suck on) and pancakes with strawberry sauce. Here’s what she doesn’t like: avocado and egg yolk. So much for starting slowly!

She’s discovered her toes, and likes playing with them. She hates riding in her car seat for long distances- forcing us to make several unscheduled stops! She’s sort of starting to develop stranger anxiety, but was happy to be held by everyone.

Here’s to hoping the next six months are just as much fun!