Teeth! And A Late Monthly Update

We have a tooth- my baby’s growing up!

As I’m a horrible mother, I’ve neglected to take the traditional monthly picture of Kate and her giraffe, but suffice it to say that she’s bigger, and the giraffe’s smaller, than they were last month.

This month Kate turned seven months old- she’s now closer to her first birthday than the day of her birth. She has hit several milestones this month: she can scoot around the house on her tummy (getting stuck under a variety of pieces of furniture), she sits up by herself and she is starting to talk. ‘Da Da Da Da’ is very popular. She also is learning how to sleep in her bed. One two occasions (count ’em- two!) she has even slept through the night, to her exhausted mother’s enduring relief.

Her big brothers are very handy, as they are (almost) always ready and willing to entertain her and she finds them hysterically funny. I was also able to leave her with her papa on two occasions. She protested mightily the lack of milk but otherwise did ok.

I know that the grandparents among you are feeling very abused by the lack of recent photographs and I promise that a new batch is coming!