Kate’s Latest Tricks

So Kate has gone from little baby to full grown toddler, tantrums and all. She refuses to sit in her highchair throughout the entire meal, preferring to be seated facing me, close enough to wipe her face on my shirt. That of course, is when she isn’t too busy walking around the house to be bothered eating- I have to pop food into her mouth on the run.

And speaking of walking, she doesn’t do that much- she prefers putting her arms straight up over her head and lurching around instead. It’s not at all cute, as you can imagine (and no, I don’t have any pictures to show you.)

Something else uncute that she’s learned to do is give kisses. She gets a really serious look on her face and then leans in and touches her closed mouth to your nose. Or chin. In the general face area at least. She also has learned how to blow through her mouth, and thinks it’s a lot of fun. Finally, as a round-up of amazing things that Kate can do, she waves ‘bye-bye’ and says cat.

She’s a genius, clearly!