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One of Kate’s extra-curricular activities that I think she actually does have talent and a natural affinity for is choir. She has choir practice every Tuesday after school (after that, she, Eddy and Owen jet off to the academy for music night) and she was recently in her first concert. It was a joint performance of several elementary schools, middle schools and Roosevelt High School, in the Roosevelt High School auditorium. I can definitely see her becoming a musical theater geek in the future, if for no other reason than she loves to perform and sing, and I’m going to see if I can find some more activities she can do.

Natural Talent

One of Kate’s friends was joining a basketball team this year and they asked her if she wanted to join.

She has been practicing for a few weeks and just played in her second weekly game. So far basketball does not seem to be a sport she takes to naturally, but she has made a bunch of progress over the past two months!

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She has dramatically improved her dribbling, and is working on her basket-making skills. She’s getting there.

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