I went to the hospital Tuesday to see the MD, and Wednesday to have another ultrasound. I happened to get an appointment with the one (very nice) MD who is *completely* opposed to homebirths. She compares them to driving on the highway at 250km/ hour without a seatbelt: sometimes nothing happens, sometimes it’s a disaster. I understand her perspective, and it actually makes me feel more confident with her advice.

She felt that my lab results were completely normal, and to make sure, handed me another slew of tests to do. We did a long monitoring of my blood pressure and the baby’s heartbeat, both of which were fine. Then Wednesday we did another ultrasound, during which she checked the baby’s growth (3kilos already! but only at 50-75% on the scale), the amniotic fluid, and my arteries, all of which were completely normal. She felt that my high blood pressure could have been due to being tired, but was nothing to worry about. Neither the baby nor I have any signs of hypertension, liver problems or gestational diabetes. Her advice? That I should not make any decisions about where to give birth based on these test results, which I read as her not wanting to give me the OK to have a homebirth, but having no medical reason to stop me.

So… more blood sucking today (to check for diabetes) and then appointments on Monday and Tuesday with my midwife and then a hospital midwife. Eddy is feeling a little more stress at the idea of a homebirth, so I still can’t say with certainty what will happen, but we have time to decide- nobody thinks this baby is coming early!

Baby Update

I’ve been having increased blood pressure etc so my midwife sent me for more lab tests, the results of which I picked up today. She said that the results are not at all what she expected to see- it seems like I’m borderline anemic, but with thick blood, and there are some other tests that show that my liver function is a little funky…

So, I have a MD appointment tomorrow at the hospital, and she wants me to have another ultrasound to see if my placenta is ok too. She said that although she doesn’t think it’s serious yet, we have to keep an eye on things and that I’m approaching the point where she would no longer feel comfortable doing a homebirth.

I’m actually not that bothered by that. I’ve been having the feeling for a while that this baby will be a hospital birth- maybe because things are so different from with the boys. In a way, I feel like I don’t have to prove anything, having already done a homebirth twice!

So that’s where things are- I’ll have more information this time tomorrow.

Ramping Up

I had my eight month visit with my midwife Monday morning, and all is well. We had our final ultrasound on Friday, and so Petra, the midwife, was able to look over our results and confirm what the ultrasound midwife told us: “There are no contraindications for proceeding with a homebirth”. That’s medical person speak for “I think you’re crazy for wanting to do this without painkillers, but OK, go ahead.”Today I go to the hospital for my first (of three) ‘just in case’ visits, where I open a file, see the anesthesiologist and endure more medical person speak for ‘crazy American without painkillers’. I’m joking actually; having done this twice before the visit shouldn’t be that bad.

I’m now seeing a medical person weekly for the baby, what with prenatal visits, birth prep classes and hospital visits. Only 7.5 weeks left to go, and if you think I’m not counting the days, you’re crazy!

Jonah and Owen go to summer camp for the last time today- school starts next week!

Update: The visit went really well. The hospital midwife was quite nice, and there was also a student midwife there. The hospital midwife gave me the ‘I know you know this, but I have to warn you about the risks of homebirth’ shpeil for about two seconds, but in a very nonoffensive way.