Grocery Update

Yesterday morning I went to the grocery store, and spent…88.76. I duly withdrew my 100€ in cash, and then spent lots of time wandering around the store in circles, trying to find everything on my list. I couldn’t, because this is France, and things like stores always being stocked with the same products are very uncertain, so I had to do some on-the-fly menu adjustments.

I did make some purchases which were not on my list, but which I won’t count as impulse buying, because they were things like toilet paper (how did that not make it onto my list? Are we suddenly going to stop using it?) or Fair trade peanut butter for Jonah, which the store almost never carries and so I stock up when it does. The only thing that I can’t count as a legitimite purchase was a can of Pringles (for the baby!!), but it turns out that they were on sale, and I got .27€ as cashback credit on my store card for next time. Score!

Update: I don’t like paying in cash. I had 11.24€ leftover from my 100€ and it’s now gotten spent on… stuff. I can’t quite remember what- 5€ to Jonah’s teacher for the CD of pictures from last year, 3€ at the local thrift store… but there’s a missing 3.24€. Call me controlling (don’t you dare, actually!), but that missing money bothers me.

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