Baby Update

I’ve been having increased blood pressure etc so my midwife sent me for more lab tests, the results of which I picked up today. She said that the results are not at all what she expected to see- it seems like I’m borderline anemic, but with thick blood, and there are some other tests that show that my liver function is a little funky…

So, I have a MD appointment tomorrow at the hospital, and she wants me to have another ultrasound to see if my placenta is ok too. She said that although she doesn’t think it’s serious yet, we have to keep an eye on things and that I’m approaching the point where she would no longer feel comfortable doing a homebirth.

I’m actually not that bothered by that. I’ve been having the feeling for a while that this baby will be a hospital birth- maybe because things are so different from with the boys. In a way, I feel like I don’t have to prove anything, having already done a homebirth twice!

So that’s where things are- I’ll have more information this time tomorrow.

One thought on “Baby Update”

  1. Yikes, Kelly, I hope everything is okay. You absolutely have nothing to prove, nor does any woman giving birth. It’s certainly hard enough as it is without feeling like you have to live up to anybody else’s expectations! The important thing is that you and the baby come through it all safe and sound.Keep us up to date, and hugs to the boys–

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