Two weeks today!

Kate is beautiful, and getting even more so by the day! She’s two weeks old today, and I can’t remember what it was like before she got here. Things change so fast! She’s already very strong- holding her head up more and more each day. She hardly ever cries, just makes little grunting noises when she wants something. It’s a good thing she’s not my first baby, because then I would never appreciate just how easy she is.

Her eyes are dark blue, and I think they are going to stay blue, but her hair is much darker than either of the boys, and I think she’s going to turn brunette very quickly. So many of the pictures I take are of my mom and Kate because my mom snatches her out of my hands at the first available opportunity. This is very nice actually- Kate doesn’t really care who’s holding her, as long as she’s being held, and then I can be with the boys or doing one of the kazillion loads of laundry we do daily.

Jonah and Owen are head over heels in love with their little sister, and do much kissing, squeezing, patting and cuddling. They talk about her a lot, and read her books, and show her their toys. So far, no jealousy- at least not towards her. They regularly bash each other over the head at each available opportunity!

One thought on “Two weeks today!”

  1. bien le bonjour à ta maman kelly (et aussi à vous tous !)quelle joie de voir la petite merveille devenir de plus en plus charmante !bisousléonie

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