Never Too Early…

…to encourage good reading habits. Note the title- Fitzwilliam Darcy, the ‘sequel’ to Pride and Prejudice.

The boys are showing off the presents they made and wrapped for Papa- original artwork sure to be worth millions some day.

2 thoughts on “Never Too Early…”

  1. I don’t know, Kelly, she looks a little bored by that book. :)Lucie made me laugh yesterday; she suggested that we should ‘slip’ (I think she meant ‘swap’) baby Olivia for baby Kate, because baby Kate was “even more tinier!”

  2. excellent la photo kelly !! ça lui va trés bien !! ce sera surement une jeune fille trés studieuse !gros bisous à tout les 5 ainsi qu’à ta maman..Chrystelle silvio lucas et antonips : je t’envoie par mail le lien de mon blog.. bye !!

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