Snippets and Tidbits

Jonah and Owen were racing to the car yesterday morning, and I was walking behind them, pushing Kate in the stroller. They arrived at the car first.

Jonah: “We won Mama! We were racing so fast!”
“I know, you were.”
“We were running like the wind!”
“What about me?”
“You were slow, like the rain. Because it’s droppling.”


Driving to Lyon for our passport applications, Kate started crying. Owen sits next to her in the back seat, and he reached over and held her hand and cooed to her for about half an hour. It worked!


Driving home from Lyon in a heavy rainstorm, Jonah started up a series of why questions. Then he hit a major developmental milestone.
“Are we there yet?”
Rinse and repeat, twenty dozen times.


Eddy was teasing the boys by speaking English last night at diner.

Jonah: “Papa, tu parles français et anglais! Comme moi!” (Papa, you speak French and English! Like me!)
Me: “And like me and Owen.”
Owen: “Not me.”
Everyone else, expecting him to choose one or the other: “Oh?”
Owen: “No, I speak Spiderman!”


Jonah has finally mastered the ABC song, by singing it only a few more times per day than the number of times he asked “Are we there yet?” yesterday. He’s been very into letters lately, and knows how to spell three words by heart with his fridge magnets: Jonah, Owen, and Mama. (He can’t write Owen on a piece of paper though, only Jonah and Mama.)

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