Two months old

Kate is two months old today, and I’ve succeeded in posting on her monthly birth date exactly… umm, once. But that’s better than nothing, right?

Kate is a love, really, a very easy baby. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s a third child, and we’re more relaxed, or if it’s just her. On the other hand, when Jonah was her age I was struggling with major breastfeeding problems and about to undergo surgery under general anesthetic to fix an abscess. When Owen was her age, there was Jonah too, and so we had two babies to handle. This is the first time we’re just dealing with one baby, without any issues, and it’s easy! Almost easy enough to sucker us into wanting another… almost… but not quite.

She sits and watches everything, and everyone, and is somewhat content to hangout in her bouncy chair while life goes on around her. She smiles at people now, not just randomly into space, and is quite flirtatious! Her vocabulary has expanded from growls and cries to include cooing, and she loves playing the ‘I’ll show you my tongue and you show me yours’ game.

Her brothers are just as enamoured of her as always, and she loves watching them. Every time she cries they come running to me: “Mama, I think Kate’s hungry!” or “Mama, come get Kate!”. Jonah’s gotten very good at wiping her off whenever she spits up, which is, well, fairly often.

This past month also included an unfortunate first- her first (and we hope, only) hospitalization, but she recovered quickly from the bout of bronchitis, and although I get very nervous at the first sign of a stuffed up nose or cough, she seems to be no worse for the experience.

She’s wearing size 3 months for some things, but also has lots of size 6 month clothes that are just the teeniest bit too big. I’m having fun buying girl clothes, although it’s hard finding things that aren’t overwhelmingly pink!

Last but not least, she’s trying to suck her thumb, although she hasn’t quite figured it out. I’m encouraging this behavior if for the very least that my mother swears I started sleeping through the night (at 6 weeks, wonderful baby that I was) when I learned to suck my thumb. Kate has missed the cutoff date by just a little bit but there’s hope yet: she sometimes sleeps from 11pm to 4:30 am! What a girl!

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