Her Name is Kate

One of the reasons that we chose ‘Kate’ as a name, besides the obvious concerns of sounding good in both languages and, oh yeah, liking it, was that it has a nickname. Trouble is, I can’t decide how to spell it. Katie, Katy, or Katey? Or something else entirely. I’ve created a poll (and get to use some fancy new Blogger tools) so please vote or leave a comment.

7 thoughts on “Her Name is Kate”

  1. I vote for Katie, but I’m classic kind of girl. We had the same trouble trying to figure out how to spell ‘Livy’. We actually used the ‘y’ so it wouldn’t be quite so confusing with ‘Lucie’ (even though it still is).

  2. I like Katy. A nickname that’s longer to spell than the full name seems backwards to me.I use Caiti for my daughter. Picking the spelling for her full name was easy, we just went traditional Irish. But I had no idea how to write Caiti or Cait and ultimately just went as true to the source as possible. I love your mom, but I’m also fond of nicknames. I answer to Crix, Crysti, Crackles, Cricket, Cris and Tumbles off the top of my head. I suppose this keeps me in the bad influence category ; )

  3. Love the ABC song! From a Carol Jo who also goes by CJ or Jo Jo, I think there are uses for nicknames. We have a niece who goes by Katie Bug at the moment because she is sooo cute (2 yrs old). I like Katie (why does that seem more soft, I wonder. Interesting question you have posed. Thanks for sharing your French life, my dear.Ta for now,Carol Jo (CJ)

  4. Well, sometimes we call Jonah ‘Joe’, especially Eddy. And Yvonne (the nanny) calls Owen ‘Ollie’ for some reason (or Ollie Wollie) and that suits him. I always wanted a nickname too…

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