Kate’s Three Months Old!

Today is Kate’s three month birthday, and I’m writing this with her howling on my lap, so it’s gonna be a short one! She’s gotten very expressive over the last month (besides the howls) as she’s learned to coo and gurgle. We practically hold conversations! We’ve had to do a lot of respitory therapy over this past month, as her lungs don’t seem to be able to decongeste on their own, and as the whole family enters into another bout of colds, I predict we’re going to keep going to the kiné. She’s already learned not to like it, poor girl, and starts howling as soon as I put her down on the table. She loves her brothers, and responds really well to them, which encourages them to smother her in kisses!!

(Bad picture I know, but it wasn’t easy even getting them all in the frame!)

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