I Have a Five Year Old

How did that happen?!?

Jonah is five years old today, and very proud. He’s been talking about his birthday for weeks now. What a year we’ve had! His second year of school, a new sister… and lots of progress in reading, writing and speaking. His English is almost perfect now, and his French is coming along nicely. He is really interested in spelling things, and knows how to spell Jonah, Owen, Kate, Mama, Papa. He can even write all those words.

Sample Jonah quote when talking about word sounds: “Wait a minute! Cat and caca have the same sound!!”

He’s left the vestiges of babyhood behind. Now we have a brat on our hands. Oh, not all the time, but he’s definitely got some of that ‘I’m my own kid, and I can do what I want and say what I want’ backtalk going on. Maybe it’s not such a good thing that his language has improved!

He’s very sweet and caring, and funny. He likes to make jokes, and physical humor and slapstick crack him up. He particularly enjoys a British children’s performer named Mr Tumbles. He’s always very interested in Kate, and in taking the best care of her he can. He comes running when she makes the slightest peep- ‘I think Kate’s hungry/tired/alonely Mama!’

Five-year-olds are so much fun.

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