Many Apologies

Many apologies to all for not posting much lately. We’ve been rather busy here lately! First of all, the boys have been on vacation this week, and will be home next week as well. If only there were some nice parks around here. Oh wait, there are lots of nice parks in Seattle and Los Angeles, and we’ll be there in less than a month!

Preparing for our trip is taking some time, mostly just by making lists at the moment. Things to bring there, things to bring home…

I’ve also been really busy with my new Etsy site at the moment. I’m having lots of fun making things. OK, I’m actually obsessing about making things, and have set up camp in the living room. Eddy is despairing of ever being able to sit in the living room chairs again, but I’m really proud of what I’ve been making- I think there are some really beautiful things there.

I’ve also been really busy with my other blog: Small Cents. I’m coming out of the closet now, as a personal finance blogger! Writing Small Cents is helping to keep my mind from melting into baby gook, and I have big plans for it in the next year.

One of the reasons that these two projects are taking such a lot of time is that I’m trying to craft a visual identity for them. As I’m not a graphic designer this is easier said than done! But before I take my plans to someone to have them make the sites all pretty-like, I have to figure out what ‘pretty-like’ looks like. Again, easier said than done.

Add to this the work that I’ve been doing for the WWNG as well as the fact that Eddy has been inundated at work lately, and not able to get home before 9pm… well you can imagine that our house is a little less clean and tidy than usual.

I have been taking lots of photos, which I promise to put up soon. I will also post on Kate’s monthly progress in a little bit. To help you keep abreast of the changes I’ve also added two new features to the site: you can sign up for email alerts or an RSS feed through Feedburner.

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