Jonah Here

Last night the phone rang while we were upstairs and Jonah was downstairs, so I asked him to answer it.

Jonah: “Hello?”


“Jonah here.” (pronounced he-ah, like a proper little Brit!)





Eddy and I looked at each other. Must be a French person!

Jonah: “Attends. Je vais le donner à mon father.” (Wait. I’ll give it to my father.)

Note the almost perfect French, with just a bit of franglais tossed in for good measure! And he spoke very clearly and confidently on the phone; I was so proud of him! The funny thing is that I don’t think he really recognized to whom he was speaking: Eddy’s father, who had called with some (more) vacation related questions. This might be because Jean-Pierre, in preparation for our voyage, has taken to speaking in English on the phone with me, at least the beginning niceties.

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