Five Months Old!

The two pictures in blue are from this morning, the pictures in pink are from last month’s photo session, that I forgot (didn’t have time) to post. What a difference a month makes! I think in the first two pictures she looks so much like Jonah, in the last her expression is all Owen.

Kate is so much fun to be around. She is a rather serious little person, although she loves to smile at people, and has this funny little chuckle when tickled. She loves standing up, and will almost always choose to stand rather than sit on your lap. We’ve started giving her tastes of food but she’s not that into it yet. I think she’s teething; she’s started jamming her hands into her mouth as often as possible. She loves giving baby kisses, and will suck on my chin (I know!) when given a chance! Next milestone: her first plane ride, in just a few days!

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