The Best Baby Ever

When I was pregnant with Kate I often said that I hoped she nursed like Owen and slept like Jonah, because if it was the other way around we were all going to be in Big Trouble. Well she started out as a champion nurser and we all heaved a big collective sigh of relief.

She also started out as a good sleeper, the sort of baby that you could plop down in bed and she would stay asleep the whole time. And then we went on vacation, and she got really used to sleeping with us, and well, all hell broke loose.

After we got back, we moved to a smaller bed (I know, I know) and it became imperative that Kate sleep in her own bed. The problem was that she screamed bloody murder every time I put her in it. And screamed. And screamed. And screamed!

Then it stopped. Now I can put her in her bed awake, and she might fuss a little bit, but then she falls asleep. On her own. Like a big girl! Last night she slept from 8:30 to 11:30, nursed and then slept till 2:00 when I was too tired to take her back to her room.

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