Nine Months Old

Kate is nine months old today, and celebrated by throwing her very first temper tantrum. Seriously. We were racing to the front door, I to close it, she to escape and I got there before her. So she lay down on the floor, face first and screamed and sobbed.

I found it very cute, but I imagine that reaction won’t last.

What else is new? According to the MD she’s in fine health, weighs 9.05 kilos and measures 75cm. Someone else will have to do the conversions as I’m already typing this against her will!

She’s starting to eat finger foods and is hating when I feed her. She eats whatever we eat: couscous, carrots, sausage- as long as she can do it herself, she’s a fan.

She’s an expert crawler now, and pulls up on the couch, chair etc. She’s developed separation and stranger anxiety, but loves to walk if we hold her hand.

And she hates it when I blog, so this is it for now!

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