On the Phone

My friend Beth called me this afternoon and there were pestering children on both her end and mine.

‘Who’s that?’

‘Who’s on the phone?’

‘Can I talk?’

‘I’m hungry.’

So we let Jonah talk to Lucie and it was very cute. He told her what he was doing and that they would be going to Ikea together the next day and asked her what she was doing. Then I think she hung up on him. Oh well.

He was A.DOR.A.BLE. His first phone call with a girl! Awe, I’m already planning the wedding (at least I know that I’ll like the inlaws!).

One thought on “On the Phone”

  1. Lucie has a bad habit of walking around while she’s on the phone (she reminds of my dad that way). She took the phone with her into her room and I think it cut out…I’d never get lucky enough to have her choose someone as sweet as Jonah. I just know it’s going to be a biker.

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