Jonah and Owen have been doing lots of playing at Harry Potter lately, which involves making swords out of Tinkertoys and then doing lots of leaping from one couch to the next. Kate is occasionally drafted to be Hermione, whenever Lucie is not available.

Jonah gets out all the Harry Potter books, then opens the pages at random. He reads a sentence or two of action out loud, which sets the stage for their reinactment.
Kate got the bottle of kid shampoo off the bathroom shelf this morning and proceeded to wash her baby with it. When I caught her and washed her hands off she was as unrepentant as two year olds normally are. She did tell me, however, that it was a betise (being naughty) and has been repeating ‘Katy leaves the shampoo alone’ all morning.
Jonah and Kate are still big fans of peanut butter sandwiches. Owen, little French boy that he is, prefers Nutella.
Last night, Kate was procrastinating going to bed by drinking lots of water and I ended up taking her cup away. She woke up at 4 am: ‘No, mama, that’s Katy’s water!’ Serves me right, I guess.
Owen is getting his sense of humor down. Some jokes he doesn’t really understand (for example, he tries to transform the ‘Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven eight nine” joke into ‘Why was one hundred two afraid of three? Because one hundred two was bigger than three’) but in other ways he’s really clever. Yesterday we bought Eddy’s Christmas present, and Owen thought of a whole bunch of things to tell Eddy: ‘Let’s tell papa we bought him a book! and flowers! and a DVD!’
My kids are (mostly) a joy to be around- it’s so nice to be at this point, where the pleasure outweighs the pain!

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