14 Things I Can Do Now That I’ve Finished My Thesis

  1. Sleep.
  2. Attack the foot tall pile of mending sitting on my desk.
  3. Send out pending invoices…from 6 weeks ago.
  4. Oil the kitchen counter-tops.
  5. Finish organizing my closet.
  6. Finish setting up my craft shelves.
  7. Clean out the basement.
  8. Organize the photo albums.
  9. Organize my online, Shutterfly albums.
  10. Post more pictures here (you’re welcome).
  11. Start writing again- posts, this time.
  12. Redo the kellyrigotti.com website.
  13. Figure out the office- it’s just a black hole of papers and cords at the moment.
  14. Reply to all the emails sitting in my inbox.

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