Monday Bounce Day

Owen and Kate have been doing gymnastics since September. To be honest, I don’t think Kate has a future in gymnastics; she seems to be more interested in bouncing along and talking to her friends than learning how to do a cartwheel or climb the rope. For her it’s more of a social activity, something to do Monday afternoons, than a physical challenge.

But even though I think Owen is pretty good, he’s not very motivated. Eddy (who loves tennis) keeps talking up tennis lessons; Owen would rather not do any sport. Given how much he enjoys jumping and climbing on things, and how into watching American Ninja Warriors he was, I think gymnastics is a fine choice. So I bribed him with the promise of a $75 payout should he complete two years.

He was asked to participate in a more advanced, smaller and more structured class that also participated in three competitions a year. I like this class because it’s a smaller group of kids, and they are all better than him. He’s so used to being the best at any given physical activity that it’s nice for him to be challenged. I also like that he has something that is just for him, which he’ll be able to show off on the playground, and maybe use in the future.

Plus, he’s cute.

2014-01-27 17.41.42

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