Kate’s Stories

Kate's story

Here are stories from Kate’s writing workshops at school.

Lily’s Camp

Lily was so excited when Sunday came because she had camp! She loved all the activities, especially kickball! Her worst favorite was swimming. The last activity of the day was swimming. She hated swimming! She closed her eyes and then she jumped off the diving board. “She’s the best swimmer!” said all the kids! And she actually was the best swimmer in camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lily Goes Swimming

Lily goes to swimming every Sunday. Lily was at swimming. She hated swimming!! She tried to sneak on her coach’s head but it didn’t work. She tried to go to the back of the line but it didn’t work either. She closed her eyes and jumped off the diving board. She loved swimming now!

New Baby Lily walked into her bed. She fell asleep. The next morning she went to her tree house. “Aaaah!” She fell off. Just then, her baby sister got born. “Whaaa,” said her baby sister.

Fiona’s Broken Arm

Fiona walked up her tree fort. She fell off. She broke her arm.

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