My Goal for This Year

Jonahs blogHere is a piece of writing that Jonah did in the middle of fourth grade, on February 7, 2013. It’s either titled “log: The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan” or “My goal for next this year”.

My name is Jonah Rigotti. I go to View Ridge Elementary school. My teacher’s name is Ms Hunter. I’m in 4th grade. This story is about my goal for this year and why.

Because I’m new here (I moved from France this August) I don’t really do what people here do. So my goal is to try to blend in: my school and the rest of my neighborhood. Another part of my goal is to make myself welcome. People make me welcome but inside myself I don’t feel welcome.

In this paragraph there will be examples of the first part of my goal (in which I blend in). I’m not used to lunch because in France we never bring lunch bags (well sometimes we do but that’s only when the cafeteria ladies are on strike). There is also no school buses in France so you need to be either walked or driven by your parents. That’s my goal.

The End.

And then he concludes: “PS Do not mind the second sheet of paper.” Which I find most adorable.

Jonah is clearly the kid that has been most affected by the move. I think that Owen wishes he missed more things about France, but that he is happier here. Kate clearly doesn’t remember much. But Jonah talked a lot about all the people and things that he missed, and even though he mentions them less now, I’m sure he still misses his friends and favorite places a lot.

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