Road Trip Day Home Again

Well, I clearly lost my momentum on the final days, but we were all eager to get home.


Day 13 we drove to Boise, getting to the hotel around 7:30 that night. We stayed at another La Quinta and ate at a Red Lobster for dinner. Despite both being chains, I was really impressed with the quality and level of service, and of course that the La Quinta accepts dogs is a real plus!

We visited my dad’s cousin Mary Catherine for coffee in the morning and were on the road again around 10:30 am. We rolled in to Seattle around 8 pm, making for a very long fourteenth day.

Oregon 2

Everyone was exhausted–in fact Eddy and I still are. The kids were very happy to be reunited with their stuff again; Kate even began crying as she went into her room and found all her toys. Penelope and Stella jumped all over each other and even the cats were happy.

Here’s our trip, in its entirety. I’m already planning the next one!

Road Trip total

One thought on “Road Trip Day Home Again”

  1. Apparently South Dakota is halfway between Seattle and Atlanta (I checked), so we may need to plan to visit Mount Rushmore together for the next big road trip. 🙂

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