Little (er) Resolutions


I’m being somewhat good at keeping my three BIG resolutions: my toes are still polished, I haven’t bought anything I shouldn’t be buying, and as of January 12th, I’ve walked every day but one. Oops.

In being more intentional about my resolutions, I have also decided to tackle some smaller goals. Things that doing for a whole year might be a bit too challenging, but doing for a month seems doable. We’ve done smaller goals before, like doing a no-spend February twice, and that was a family. Doing twelve smaller challenges on my own seems realistic, right? Right.

January: Drynuary, or no drinking this month. I’ve just felt like I’ve been drinking a little bit too much lately, and not only does it not feel right, right now, red wine just doesn’t taste as good. So far so good. I’ve been drinking a lot of San Pelligrino, and with the exception of one night when Eddy’s glass of wine smelled really good, everything has been good.

February: No spend month. Like I said above, we’ve successfully done this before. No spending except on food, bills, gas or planned children’s activities (after school, during school, lunch). I need Eddy’s buy-in (see what I did there?) on this (Hi, honey!), but he should be OK with it.

I have other ideas for things to tackle, but not months to do them in. Ideas include:

  • Picking one or two of the “talked about” series that I have had in my Netflix queue for ever and actually watching them
  • Reducing my list of unread books on my Kindle from its current title of 72
  • Tackle at least three of the projects from my Pinterest Crafts board
  • Do a few of the projects on our house list: something in the garden, something in the DIY, something in the decorating
  • Maybe attempt another no spend month and another no drinking month
  • Take a tech holiday (this will be hard. Maybe I’ll save it for the month between Christmas and New Year’s.)
  • Eat vegan, vegetarian or on Whole 30 for a month.
  • Get a girls’ gang, like Stitch n Bitch or a reading club going. I miss hanging out with women, outside of work, sans children and partners

Time to get started.

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