Clowning Around

One of my favorite things to do is to take series of pictures of the kids clowning around. I almost never get one “good” picture- where all three are looking at the camera, there are no goofy expressions and so on, but the ensemble captures the general air of merriment they often have together. This particular series was taken right before Eddy and the kids left for France.

2015-07-06 20.57.13

2015-07-06 20.57.15

2015-07-06 20.57.17

2015-07-06 20.57.18

2015-07-06 20.57.20

2015-07-06 20.57.39

2015-07-06 20.57.40

2015-07-06 20.57.42

2015-07-06 20.57.43

2015-07-06 20.57.46

2015-07-06 20.57.48


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