A New Year

I turned 42 yesterday. It’s funny, but I don’t feel any angst about getting older; each year since turning 40 has been really uneventful. I saw someone post this list on Facebook the other day, and although I don’t think I will do it yearly, like my New Year’s Eve post, I thought it would be a fun thing to do once.

Tattoos: No. I’ve never thought of something I would want permanently inked on my skin, and at this point it’s almost a point of pride.
Marriages: 2
Divorces: 1
Children: 3 (ages 13.75. 12.5 and 9 as of this writing)
Surgeries: 1 under general anesthesia (breast abcess) and a few under local (stitches and excisions)
Shot a gun: No, too scared to, and no desire to
Quit a job: Yes, and always a good decision
Flown on a plane: Many, many times
100+miles in a car: I love road trips!
Hit a deer: No, thank goodness
Gone zip lining: ROFL over the image of me getting on a zipline, hahaha
Cried over someone: Many times
Fell in love: A couple of times
Skipped school: Ahem, of course not
Watched someone give birth: Yes
Watched someone die: No, thank goodness
Been to Canada: Yes, although I would love to go back
Ridden in an ambulance: Once, when I cracked my head open on a French sidewalk
Been to Hawaii: No, and I’d like to go at somepoint, if for no other reason than to check it off my list
Been to Europe: Many times
Been to Washington D.C.: Not enough!
Visited Florida: for work, unfortunately
Visited Mexico: a long, long time ago
Visited Las Vegas: Once for a Grateful Dead concert, and once earlier this year for work
Sang karaoke: I’m having a similar reaction to this as the idea of me ziplining
Had a pet(s): I can’t picture my life without them
Been sledding on big hill: See above re: a) ziplining and b) singing karaoke
Been downhill skiing: I’m like a broken record, really
Rode on a motorcycle: I’ve never really been interested in riding a motorcycle
Rode a horse: Yes, and loved it
Stayed in a hospital: Yes
Donated blood: Yes, although because I am AB+, my blood isn’t highly sought after
Driven a stick shift: Yes, and learning to drive a stick shift was definitely on my bucket list. So much fun!
Rode in the back of a police car: No, thank goodness

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