The Year in Review

All my plans and resolutions this year were for naught. I think it can be universally acknowledged that 2016 will go down as A Crappy Year: world events like the election and Brexit, celebrity deaths like Alan Rickman and Carrie Fisher and personal events like the great Work Reorg (and two new jobs) or medical issues mean that I can’t wait for this year to be over.

I started with good intentions too. Redo the garden. Read a lot of books. Not drink in January. Spend less money overall. Be craftier. Most of those things did fall by the wayside. On the other hand, we did accomplish a lot: the garden and patio look fabulous, we have solar panels, I started to keep a bullet journal and we are still alive and kicking. We traveled a lot: to Las Vegas (as a couple), Singapore and Japan (for work), camping on the Washington Coast, and I went to Chicago with Beth.

Kate turned 9, Owen turned 12 and Jonah turned 13. They were, respectively, in fourth, seventh and eighth grades. I am especially proud of Owen: he has been making a real effort on his school work and is doing great!

We fostered a puppy. Uncle Paul came to visit (a lot). Owen started aikido. Kate continued Girl Scouts. Jonah did rock climbing.

All in all, not such a bad year, considering. But bring on 2017!


After the craziness of Thanksgiving, I was a little worried for Christmas and Hanukkah. Not only had we been warned against travelling by the doctor but the two holidays being so close together made me worried for the potential for…mess. We had been planning on going to LA for Christmas but we decided to cancel a few days before the trip was supposed to start. So, instead we got a tree the Sunday before Christmas, set it up and decorated the house, fried a WHOLE BUNCH of latkes and decided to celebrate the season in a low key way. It’s actually been lovely; Eddy seems to have decided not to grumble over the nightly Hanukkah readings meaning that the kids are accepting it better too, I cooked Christmas brunch instead of Christmas lunch (much easier) and we went to Blue Fin for Christmas evening dinner. The kids seem to have been delighted with their presents (Owen and Jonah were especially happy with their laptops, surprise, surprise) and the grown ups gave and received some lovely things too. Eddy got me a print that I had liked on Etsy a long time ago but never pulled the trigger on as well as a sweet angel statue for the garden. He also got me a Nest thermostat and a light for my backpack so that I am more visible when walking to and from the bus in the dark. I got him tickets to a Hendrix tribute concert and a couple of little tchotchkes. My mom received the Hamilton CD among other things; I got the digital version as a bonus  when buying it on Amazon so the kids have been listening to it non stop too.