The Year in Review

All my plans and resolutions this year were for naught. I think it can be universally acknowledged that 2016 will go down as A Crappy Year: world events like the election and Brexit, celebrity deaths like Alan Rickman and Carrie Fisher and personal events like the great Work Reorg (and two new jobs) or medical issues mean that I can’t wait for this year to be over.

I started with good intentions too. Redo the garden. Read a lot of books. Not drink in January. Spend less money overall. Be craftier. Most of those things did fall by the wayside. On the other hand, we did accomplish a lot: the garden and patio look fabulous, we have solar panels, I started to keep a bullet journal and we are still alive and kicking. We traveled a lot: to Las Vegas (as a couple), Singapore and Japan (for work), camping on the Washington Coast, and I went to Chicago with Beth.

Kate turned 9, Owen turned 12 and Jonah turned 13. They were, respectively, in fourth, seventh and eighth grades. I am especially proud of Owen: he has been making a real effort on his school work and is doing great!

We fostered a puppy. Uncle Paul came to visit (a lot). Owen started aikido. Kate continued Girl Scouts. Jonah did rock climbing.

All in all, not such a bad year, considering. But bring on 2017!

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