A history of profile pictures

I recently had to take a new profile photo, and was thinking about the ones I’ve used over the past 10 years or so.

The above pictures were taken in 2009 by Frederic Chorier. Someone in the WWNG knew him and got us a group rate. Some of my favorite pictures of the kids were taken in a 10 minute session in a super cramped studio in downtown Grenoble. I love the black and white laughing picture of me laughing, and used it for a long time. Fun fact: I still have the glasses and the jacket.

I had just gotten home from a great haircut and the boys were feeling silly. I was also feeling super photogenic, because I had lost about 30 pounds. This photo was taken while we were still living at my mother’s house, I think in 2013. I use this on Instagram and it’s fun to see how small the boys were. I still have this sweater too.

This photo was taken in 2014 or thereabouts, while at the dog park. I like how we all have pops of pink, and how clearly we are related! I use this profile photo on Facebook. Notice the different glasses; I quickly went back to the French ones.

I had to take a new photo when Microsoft updated their badges. This was a selfie in my office on the Advanta campus. I used this as a profile picture on LinkedIn for a long time. I’m pretty sure it was fall 2015.

I was asked to join the board at Temple Beth Am, and all my previous pictures seemed just a little too out of date. I’d also just gotten some new make-up, a fancy new phone and a nice haircut. I took this photo (another selfie) in our living room, about five minutes before I had to run out the door to take Penelope to the vet. Some built-in filters, and voila, a new profile picture!

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