A Big Day Yesterday

Yesterday was my birthday, which I am only mentioning in the context of the story I’m going to tell you, not to have you send me bagloads of money as a birthday present. (Although that would be nice too, of course!) But it was a day of firsts in many ways, all internet related.

(The first thing Owen said when he came downstairs this morning was “Mama, your cake was super yummy!”)

For the firsts…

  1. Almost Frugal reached 998 subscribers to the RSS feed!
  2. Almost Frugal Food broke the 200 barrier, and is at 202 subscribers.
  3. Almost Frugal had more than 1000 visitors yesterday- the most visitors ever.
  4. I finally earned more than $1 from my Google Ads… $4.02 to be exact.
  5. Jean Pierre and Françoise sent me birthday greetings by email!

So, all in all, a pretty exciting day. Today I don’t have any classes, but I am going to be writing my branding paper all day. I need to get it finished so that this weekend I can write my Product Life Cycle paper. Ah, the exciting and glamorous life of a student…

If You Speak French

If you speak French, and you want to see this clip about the breastfeeding event I was involved in helping organize, and you don’t mind hearing my horrible, Canadian accent… then click here. Eddy’s cousin is shown quite prominently (on the opening screen, she’s on the right in the blue tee shirt), and there is a flash of Jonah playing in the park if you look closely.