Who Knows?

I went to the hospital yesterday for a blood pressure and baby check. My blood pressure was high during the monitoring session, and the midwife found my test results to be off. She ordered some more tests (6 vials of blood!!), and started making ominous noises about talking to the doctor, and inducing labor, and that I shouldn’t go anywhere, and I must come back and see her at 6pm for the results.

Conveniently, the nanny’s daughter in law, Amelia, had just given birth the day before, so I headed upstairs to see her and the new baby, Alyssa. Very cute, and what a head of hair!

So then I called Eddy, and arranged for him to pick up the boys, called the nanny for an update, took the tram to the parking lot where I had left the car, headed home, called my midwife, hung up a load of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, packed a bag with water, books and a snack and headed back to the hospital… my blood pressure signifigantly lower after all these calming activities.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the midwife said that in fact, my test results were normal, nothing to worry about, have a nice weekend, and come back Monday for another monitoring session.

Good news to be sure, but I just wish that things weren’t so black or white. They seem to specialize in getting you worked up, and then, just when I think that I really am done with being pregnant, that the end is in sight, they let me down with a crash. Not that I *want* to be induced, it would just be nice to know the end was *really* near, as opposed to just ‘in the near future’ near. Pregnancy lasts eight months and two years, I always say.

So, long story short, my results, with the exception of my blood pressure, itchiness and swelling are normal, which is good, and even the above are not serious, just slightly elevated. I still need to be monitored closely, but as of now, the baby is perfectly fine. We’ve also definitely decided against a homebirth this time around; and we feel that it’s the best decision, given the circumstances.

More updates on Monday!

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