Baby Update

I went to the hospital again yesterday (aren’t you all getting tired of me starting my posts like that?) and had a blood pressure and baby monitoring. And, lo and behold, my blood pressure was lower than before I even got pregnant (10/6 + 11/7), and the baby is fine, fine, fine. Whatever was causing problems has gone away, and everything is normal.

As to the aches and pains complaints, the midwife on duty very helpfully suggested that ‘Madame, you could go into labor, and then everything would be all better’.

Hmmm. Never thought of that before- maybe I’ll have to try it!

2 thoughts on “Baby Update”

  1. If I were you I would have said, “Really? Why don’t we do something about that, then?” I mean geez, as if you’re not impatient enough as it is…

  2. She was actually very sympathetic, and trying to be funny and encouraging to my miserable self. I think she could see how uncomfortable I was (am), and was trying to make it better!

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