Five Reasons to Love Being Nine Months Pregnant

I’m going to try to stop moaning and whining for a few minutes, and be a little more positive. So here, in no particular order, are five reasons to love being nine months pregnant.

  • Lovely, luscious locks and strong, healthy nails, that actually defy my attempts to bite them. I have nice, adult looking hands again… and even though it will all fall out after the baby’s born, my hair looks great!
  • Maternity leave! Let’s hear it for not working! I stopped working 3.5 months before the baby’s due date…. and I won’t go back until a year after she’s born. There are many things to criticize about working in France, but this is *not* one of them.
  • Daily naps. Never underestimate the power of an hour’s restorative sleep… especially when it makes up for the middle of the night insomnia!
  • Being proud of my stomach. I wish I could always feel this positive about my body. I love the way I look (not feel- look) when I’m pregnant.
  • The humbling experience of being open to new ideas. Each of my children’s pregnancies and births has given me a new opportunity to challenge myself and my assumptions. This time is no exception- I’m really learning a lot of things about having a hospital birth!

This post was originally entitled ‘Nine things to love about being nine months pregnant’- unfortunately my attempts at being positive didn’t stretch that far! But five reasons aren’t that bad… all things considering.

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