Due Dates

Well, as it turns out, I won’t actually be pregnant forever– as much as it seems like that now. At my hospital visit today, for blood pressure and baby monitoring (everything’s fine), we scheduled my last two appointments. Another monitoring session for next Monday, and then an appointment on my due date, October 25. The midwife told me that they only let you go 3 days over your due date, so Kate will definitely be born in October. Yeah!

Even better news than that, as hard as it may seem, is my imminent visit to IKEA! Yes, there is a special opening day for Ikea family club members, and I am just waiting for Gemma and Wendy to come pick me up for our first ever visit. WooHoo!

2 thoughts on “Due Dates”

  1. I thought for sure you went into labor this weekend. Just had a feeling, but I guess I was wrong. Anyway, enjoy the shopping and let me know how IKEA is. I’m going to try and go on Thursday morning. Something funny…Damien said it’s the largest IKEA in Europe, but that everytime the build a new store they make it 1m bigger than the last one just so they can say that. 🙂

  2. Go into labor? And miss Ikea? Nevah! It was great. I’ll go back with you Thursday- if I haven’t had the baby yet that is!They said in the store it’s the largest in France. I haven’t been to any others except Lyon, but it’s certainly bigger than that one.

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