Road Trip Day Nine

On Sunday I woke up early and took Penelope to the dog park. It was amazing- right on the beach, with a mix of crazy dogs and surfers.

2014-07-06 08.04.42

Then we went to SeaWorld.

SeaWorld 1

Kate and I did the Elmo Flying Fish ride while the boys went to a big scary roller coaster. Then she did the spinning tea cups by herself because I decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to vomit so early in the day.

2014-07-06 10.18.38-2

2014-07-06 10.29.28

It was really hot and felt great to get splashed by Shamu!

Shamu 2

Shamu 3

As we were heading out, we decided to head back to the kid play area. Good call.

2014-07-06 11.14.40

2014-07-06 15.45.27

2014-07-06 15.58.14

2014-07-06 16.17.08

We stayed all day, and unfortunately got somewhat sunburned, despite liberal applications of sunblock. Once back at the hotel we went to the same restaurant for dinner (not as good this time), and then Eddy and the kids watched Despicable Me 2 by the side of the pool.

2014-07-06 21.23.36

Even Penelope was happy the day was over.

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