Road Trip Day Ten

The day after Sea World we needed to be out of the hotel room by noon, but couldn’t meet my grandfather until 5 or so, so we needed to kill some time. We stayed at the room as long as possible in order to do laundry and pack the car, but got to the beach in time for a picnic (although on second thought, bringing ham sandwiches and chips to a dog park was maybe not the smartest thing to do). Even though it was a Monday, around 11 am, it was much more crowded than the previous day.

The boys went out into the waves (a little too deep, even) and Kate dug a lot of holes.

Beach 6

Beach 5

Beach 3

Then the boys dug some holes too.

Beach 2

Beach 1

At this point, Penelope was a little confused and shifted into herding mode; she kept going from Kate to Jonah to Owen. “But they’re not together! They must be contained!” I could almost hear her saying.

Beach 7

After the beach we drove to Palm Springs and picked up Great Grandpa for dinner. We went to Manhattan in the Desert, which is one of my favorite restaurants ever. Unfortunately the hotel was not a hit. I think the air conditioning in the room was broken, and we tossed and turned all night long. We even tried to leave the window open for more air, which gives you an idea of just how hot it was. Ugh.

One thought on “Road Trip Day Ten”

  1. tres belles photos!! les grands-parents super beaux et on vois dans le regard comme il s’aimer!!!quand aux enfants ils s’amusse bien dans l’eau!!!beautiful photos !!!!bisous !!!

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