Two big projects that we did in June were to replace the windows and redo the deck stairs. The windows were on our to do list before the summer, as we could barely open the old ones. The deck stairs were a surprise project, however. We knew they were going to need to be replaced, but Kate hurried the process along when she decided to repurpose the bricks that were holding up the base for one of her projects. After replacing the stairs, we needed to stain them, and here is where our team of child laborers really came in handy.

2015-06-01 17.16.47

2015-06-01 17.17.10

2015-06-01 17.21.00

2015-06-01 17.21.30

2015-06-04 08.47.37

2015-06-04 08.47.47

2015-06-04 08.47.55

2015-06-06 18.45.59

2015-06-29 13.36.32

2015-06-29 13.36.47

2015-06-29 13.37.23

2015-07-07 16.44.33

2015-07-07 16.44.49

2015-07-07 17.32.32

2015-07-07 17.40.19

2015-07-07 17.43.43

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