“We’ve” Been Working on the Patio

One of the many things that “we” planned to do for our new house was redo the patio. “We” had a ton of work ahead of us…literally.

After many hours spent pacing the backyard, we decided on a casual look. We had originally wanted to have a more curved edge, but as that would have involved cutting stone, we decided against it. The first thing that Eddy had to do was level the yard and dig out the areas where we needed to remove the grass. Then he scoped the border of the new patio before adding four inches of gravel, tamping it down, then adding two inches of sand. After that came the fun part: laying the stone. While there were some areas that were random, Eddy managed to come up with a pattern that didn’t look too much like a pattern, while still avoiding having two like stones next to each other and breaking up any too long straight lines between bricks.




Finally it was done! Then Eddy could start digging out and redoing the pond.



We got new patio furniture and could have people over for dinner.




It took a long time to figure out the transition between the patio, the grass and the stairs but we finally came up with an inlaid pattern that everybody liked. We also ripped up the areas where the raspberry and blueberry vines were, and put the same stones there temporarily. We are trying to figure out what we want to do there, and I think we have settled on putting a chicken coop in.




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