Jonah Turns 13

Jonah turned 13 this year, and to celebrate we went to DisneyWorld. For the third year in a row my Favorite Conference Ever took place in Orlando, and this time the dates coincided neatly with Jonah’s birthday. Given that it was a pretty big birthday (13! How did that happen?!) and that I had been feeling guilty since the first time I went to this conference and didn’t take the kids, we decided to make a small family vacation out of it.

We left Friday night and took a red eye. The kids and I managed to sleep, but Eddy had such a hard time of it that Saturday was really difficult for him- he kept falling asleep on the rides! We got to the hotel, a different one than I had stayed in before, fairly early but weren’t able to check in to the hotel until the afternoon. So, we left our bags at the hotel and headed off for the Magic Kingdom.

It was cold. Very, very cold, and despite checking the weather forecast ahead of time we (read, I) hadn’t packed appropriately. So we shivered our way through Saturday (Jonah’s actual birthday), still having a really good time. Sunday was warmer and we decided to go to Hollywood Studios. The kids were really excited to see the Star Wars gang, and we rode on a few rides. I think that we all actually preferred DisneyWorld to Hollywood Studios, but enjoyed both.

Eddy and the kids left early Monday morning, and I spent the week at the conference: meeting Grumpy Cat, hanging out with friends, and learning all about social.

2016-01-22 21.24.08-2

2016-01-23 09.59.32

2016-01-23 11.28.24

2016-01-23 10.42.06

2016-01-23 10.23.51

2016-01-23 10.04.58

2016-01-23 16.04.40

2016-01-23 15.52.32

2016-01-23 21.11.13-1

2016-01-23 15.52.22

2016-01-23 11.55.55

2016-01-23 11.55.43
2016-01-24 11.13.14

2016-01-24 11.14.46
2016-01-24 11.15.28

2016-01-24 11.16.24

2016-01-24 11.16.29

2016-01-24 11.24.19

2016-01-24 15.58.56

2016-01-24 13.05.05

2016-01-24 11.54.30

2016-01-24 11.49.10

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